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Onyx is one of many different types of natural stones similar to marble. Like marble, onyx has a smooth, somewhat porous surface. It is also similar to marble in that it has a fairly low density. This makes it softer and more pliable than other natural stone tile, particularly granite. It comes in a variety of mostly earth-toned shades and can be finished in a number of ways, though it is typically honed or polished to a high shine.
Onyx may be used in a number of ways. While it is most often seen in kitchens, onyx is also showing up with increasing frequency in bathrooms, as the basis for sinks, showers, floors and even walls. It can also be fashioned into intricate mosaic inlays for fireplace surrounds, table tops and floor medallions.
    • The soft and porous nature of onyx makes it susceptible to staining, etching and scratching, even if it is properly sealed. It is especially vulnerable to liquids, which can soak through the surface and cause permanent staining and etching. This can be particularly problematic in kitchens and bathrooms. Its tendency to scratch makes it a less-than-ideal choice for floors. Onyx is also relatively expensive, comparable in price to granite and other natural stone materials.